About Bauns

The Missing Dashboard for Amazon SES

Bauns was born out of a search for a reliable transactional email delivery service, without the hefty price tags.

Bauns provides a dashboard showing your deliveries, bounces, complaints and suppressions sent via Amazon SES.

It's searchable, so if a user, or customer of yours doesn't think they have received an email, you can see when they received it, or if it has bounced, or if they provided an incorrect email address.

It also provides a notification if you go over your bounce rate, or your complaint rate for a given day - before you hit Amazon's thresholds.

You can also receive a weekly digest of your emails, showing your deliveries, bounces and complaints - as well as exporting that data as a CSV.

Why choose Amazon SES as your transactional email service?

There are many transactional email delivery services, such as SendGrid, SendInBlue and Mailchimp Transactional Email.

These offer great deliverability, but often come with quite a hefty price tag.

  SendGrid SendInBlue Mailchimp Transactional Email Amazon SES
Number of Emails 60,000 emails/month 60,000 emails/month 60,000 emails/month 60,000 emails/month
Monthly Cost $29.951 $392 $60 (+Mailchimp Monthly Plan)3 $6.604
Amazon SES comes out at around 5 times cheaper than it's nearest rival for transactional emails (SendGrid).

Amazon SES comes out as the cheapest email delivery service, but it is missing a dashboard to determine deliveries vs bounces vs complaints vs suppressed emails.

That missing dashboard is really important for transactional emails, such as when something that you have ordered will be delivered, or your payment method was declined for a service.

Amazon SES Feature Comparison vs Other Providers

As you would expect, each service provider has their own set of features, so how do they compare?

In the table below, we'll be comparing the plans for each provider that we compared from a cost perspective previously.

  SendGrid SendInBlue Mailchimp Transactional Email Amazon SES
Sending via API & SMTP
Template Editor
Analytics Dashboard
Amazon SES has no analytics dashboard, and no template editor.

Given that we're only considering transactional emails within this analysis, it's unlikely that you will be using a template that is generated and stored by a third-party. So it's reasonably safe to assume that a template editor will not be needed by everybody, as you'll more than likely be using an email template generated within your platform's codebase.